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pbmain asked:

Tally: Don't do it Lee! Remember the masters cult! And what happened to Blade! Shit goes south fast when you start doing group sex! There will always be a third wheel, it's not worth it.

I’m NOT doing any group sex!


Anonymous asked:

I think they are. You should ask just to be sure.

Its okay. It doesn’t matter. Its none of my business if they’re dating, right?

As their friend, I should wish them happiness…


Anonymous asked:

It would be the best way to fuck Jana. Seeing as the two of them seem to be a thing now. Also there's a place to change species, kid.

They’re a thing?


I’d rather not get into a threesome with her and him. They’re both still my friends. 


Anonymous asked:

You. Metal. Jana. Threesome.

Is THIS what Tally was talking about?!

T-that’d be strange! And embarrassing!

We’re friends! A-and Metal’s a robot! I’m not sure if he could BE in a threesome!

And also I’m gay!


Anonymous asked:

While in wolf form, is there anyone you would bite?

W-well, I’d never want to bite anyone on purpose…it’d be terrible of me to curse someone else with this.


I’d be willing to make an exception for anyone who tries to harm me or my friends. And if I get bitten by someone, I might return the favor.

pbmain asked:

Tally: Hey, Lee. Haven't talked to you much but have you been watching these other guys on this site? For some odd reason everyone wants to seem to have sex with you and Jana. *ohgodsogrossshe'sakid* Sooooo...what are your thoughts on it?

Oh hello. I’ve kind of forgotten about this thing, its…kinda died. *adjusts glasses and continues reading*

W-…what!? Sex with me and Jana?! They’ve been saying that on here?! Oh God I don’t wanna read it! My thoughts on it?! I dunno I don’t wanna know, I’m just gonna…go back to not using this thing much. Thank you for…telling me I guess, Tally.


Anonymous asked:

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m sorry I never let you know I was alive. That wolf in my room didn’t kill me, it WAS me! But you two chased me off, and dad grabbed his shot gun and I just didn’t know what to do, so I ran.

I didn’t know how to even tell you about what happened. And after an…accident with a homeless man, I decided I was too dangerous to come home. Better you think I’m dead than know I’m a monster..

I wish I had the guts to just come to you and tell you everything. You’re my parents, you would have understood! It would have been better than drifting from town to town, all alone, practically broke.

I miss you guys. I miss Gil too. I wish I could have seen him grow up and become a man, and graduate high school…I wish I could have graduated high school. I wanted to make you so proud. 

I love you guys. I hope you didn’t mourn me too much…I don’t deserve it. 

With love, Ariana.


Anonymous asked:

Dear Samara

Dear Sam

We technically haven’t interacted too much outside of tumblr. That’s mainly my fault since I didn’t used to come in the sanctuary very often, and then there was being dead for months…

Now that I’m back though, I haven’t seen you around at all! I know you’re very close to Livewire and Jana, and you seemed very nice, so I wanted to get a chance to know you even better, but where are you? Are you alright?

..Nos didn’t get you, did he?

I hope you come back soon..



Anonymous asked:

Dear Jake

Dear Jake

As a fellow werewolf, I really enjoy your company. Even if we aren’t the same kind of werewolf, its amazing to interact with a fellow werewolf who’s not trying to indict you into a pack, or trying to…mate.

You’re a really great guy, and I’m actually kind of…glad in a way that of all the people I could have died fighting beside, it was you. If you were my type AKA, a woman I might be romantically interested in you, but I think dating within a pack makes things too complicated anyway.

We should go out hunting more! 

From, Ariana.

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